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Pleasantville Master Site Plan

Construction updates

Week of May 4, 2015

Alumni Hall
Alumni HallThe brick and stone work on the west wing of Alumni Hall is complete. As the contractors finish washing the brick and stone, more scaffolding from the west wing will be removed. Hydro mobile scaffolding has been installed on the west and south side of the east wing and the brick and stone work has begun. Work on the north wing will follow. The brick and stone work will be completed by the end of June.

The installation of the glass curtain walls on the south end of the east wing have begun.

The interior work on Alumni Hall continues. This work includes HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, and sheetrock installation for the non-modular areas such as the classroom spaces and lounge spaces on the first floor.

Residence Hall B
Excavation for the foundations of the north wing continues this week. The foundation on the south wing is quickly taking shape. Concreate will be poured during the week. There will be an increase in concreate delivery trucks while the foundations are being poured. Deluxe is continuing on the production on the modular units for Residence Hall B. A total of 86 units have been completed to date.

Site Work
Topsoil and landscaping on the north side of Kessel will continue this week. The construction of the sidewalk along the north-west side of Kessel (sidewalk below Choate circle) will continue this week and be closed to pedestrians. The north-east sidewalk to Kessel (sidewalk along the construction fence towards the main entrance) will remain open while this work is occurring. Once the north-west sidewalks are complete and open to pedestrian access, the north-east sidewalk will be closed to construct the new sidewalk.

Light bollard bases along the existing patio on the south side Kessel will be installed this week. The completion of the concrete walkway that will take you from the library to Kessel and Shirley Beth’s way will continue this week with the construction of the walkway from the new Kessel patio to Shirley Beth’s way. This pathway will be closed to pedestrians.

Landscaping around the campus continues this week. Trees will continue to be planted by Choate House and the Miller Lawn topsoil will be raked. Hydro seeding by Choate lot and Miller Lawn will take place Tuesday or Wednesday this week in order for grass to grow in this area.

The installation of the new data lines that will lead from the Kessel Student Center to Willcox Hall will continue after commencement. The data lines will run behind the Mortola Library, across the pedestrian pathway and staircase that connects parking lot T to parking lot Z next to the library as well as the entrance 2 roadway.

Work on the fields continues. The installation of east retaining wall next to the Multi-Purpose Field will continue this week. The contractors will be cutting and filling soil at the Multi-Purpose field this week.

Work on the new Field House will continue this week with backfilling the foundation and preparing for steel erection.

All work is weather dependent, we will promptly notify the community of any changes.