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Working Remotely - Students

Student Online Learning Orientation (SOLO)

The SOLO is a general resource for anyone that is new to online or blended learning or would like a refresher. The first half contains how-to's and guides on different aspects of Classes and other resources. The second section contains examples of how your online instructor may design your course and useful links and information. It includes:

All students have access to SOLO under My Courses in Classes.

Communication is key

Make sure the lines of communication are open between you and your instructors.

Checking announcements in your Classes course

Make sure you can receive your pace Email

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Reviewing content your instructor posted

Your instructors might post online content in many different forms

Reviewing Documents, Notes, Powerpoints, and videos

Submit your work online

Your instructors might create graded tests, assignments, and discussion board forums.

Taking an online test in Classes

Submitting your online assignement in Classes

Posting on a Classes discussion board

Meet online in real-time

Your instructors might hold online office hours or a web conference class sessions.


Review Additional Support

Check here for available student assistance provided by other University areas.

Student Support and Services