Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (R)

CCRP® Cycle 10 begins on September 22, 2016. Registration is currently open for in-person or on-line modes.

A Complete Approach to Compliance Risk Management
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The Lubin School of Business at Pace University and the Association of International Bank Auditors (AIBA) have partnered to offer the Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (CCRP®) Program, a 26-module professional comprehensive certification program led by veteran compliance professionals from the world's leading financial institutions, professional organizations and top-level academics. The Program is designed to meet the rigorous content demands of an academic agenda while stressing the important practical dimensions of real world experience in the compliance field.

Contact Professor Robert Chersi at rchersi@pace.edu. For registration assistance, contact Mr. Brian Pew at ccrp@pace.edu or 212-618-6444.
CCRP students and alumni:
Take advantage of the six-credit tuition discount toward an MBA, MS, or Executive MBA degree program at the Lubin School.
[CCRP testimonial from Edgar 

"The Pace CCRP class was of true value, especially Professor James and his experience as a management consultant domestically and abroad. Professor Lewis's background in the legal aspects of regulation and compliance were insightful, but the guest speakers and their real-world experience made the Program comprehensive and an instrumental part of enhancing our knowledge."
- Edgar Guzman, consultant
This Certification is Essential For:
  • Regulatory compliance professionals in all financial institutions and firms involved in global financial transactions
  • Other professionals in stewardship roles within an institution, such as internal audit, legal, risk management, finance, etc.
  • Members of the legal, audit, and management consulting professions
  • Federal and state regulatory agency personnel

CCRP® Benefits
  • The CCRP® designation provides a credential in the market. It sends a strong message to regulators that you have the skill set necessary to practice your profession, equaling what is needed in the accounting, finance, and legal space.
  • Directly learning from the Program's accomplished Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provides you with important real-life experiences, which enhances your current knowledge and helps make you more professionally productive and valuable.
  • The Program's in-depth coverage and hands-on teaching methodology provide you with growth opportunities, and position you as a leader in the compliance community to give you an edge in this competitive job market.
  • AIBA membership provides immediate access to professionals representing international financial institutions, who are an excellent source of networking and continuing education.
  • The Program qualifies for New York State's continuing education requirements for the CPA license.

About the Program
  • Curriculum The comprehensive curriculum covers all the latest aspects of both U.S. and international regulation. Students enrolled in the CCRP® Program take courses in corporate governance, regulatory affairs, and developing and managing a company's compliance program.
  • Location All classes are held at Pace's Midtown Center in the landmark Fred French Building at 551 Fifth Avenue (at 45th Street) and are also available on-line.
  • Schedule Classes meet one weekday evening from 6:00 p.m.- 8:45 p.m. and are also available on-line.
  • AIBA Membership One-year complimentary membership upon program completion.
  • Registration* If you have questions about registration, contact Brian Pew at ccrp@pace.edu or 212-618-6444.
* Students enrolled in the Program are eligible to apply for private student loans. For additional information, contact Brian Pew

For more information about the Program, contact Professor Robert Chersi at rchersi@pace.edu. For registration assistance, contact Mr. Brian Pew at ccrp@pace.edu or 212-618-6444.