Admissions Process

Admissions Process

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If the information on this web site has aroused your interest in doctoral education in business please consider applying to our program. You can complete the online part of the application in less than 10 minutes by entering some factual information.

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Some other links on this page contain admission forms, instructions, documents, and similar application materials. Other links on this page provide answers to frequently asked questions and access to additional information about the program, the Lubin School of Business, and Pace University. The final link identifies various ways for you to request additional information about the program. Please contact us if you want to discuss the potential fit between you and our program.

Admission Process

The Doctoral program seeks applicants who have significant career achievement and potential and who have superior academic performance and promise. Qualified applicants must have at least 10 years of professional experience and an MBA, or similar master's degree, from an accredited institution.

The admission process has the following steps:

  • Submit Part A of the application online. This is Part A of the application. By return e-mail we send you Part B, which is a word document.
  • Print materials on this Web site. These include the application instructions, affirmation form, mailing labels, recommendation forms, transcript request forms, and other materials you may need.
  • Complete Part B of the application. Attach the completed Part B and a copy of your resume to an e-mail to
  • Complete the Affirmation Form. Print and complete the Affirmation Form and mail it together with a check for the application fee ($75.00) to the doctoral program.
  • Request recommendations. Print 4 copies of the recommendation form and distribute them to people who can assess your academic and career performance. Also provide recommenders with a postage paid envelope addressed to the doctoral program in which they can send the completed form. (Use only the "Doctoral Application Recommendation" form.)
  • Request transcripts. Print one copy of the transcript request for each post-secondary school you attended. Send the request form to each school, together with the appropriate fee and an envelope addressed to the program.
  • Request GMAT scores (optional). If you have completed the Graduate Management Admission Test within the past 10 years, ask GMAC to send an official score report to the doctoral program. If you have not completed the test or you are not satisfied with your scores, you may register to take the test and have the scores sent to the doctoral program.
  • Complete other tasks. Complete any other tasks that may be required, such as official translation and certification of international transcripts, submission of TOEFL scores for applicants who did not earn a degree in an English speaking university, and financial aid applications.
  • Schedule an admission interview. The program will notify you when we have received all of your application documents. We will schedule a one-hour admission interview for you with doctoral program staff. We usually notify you of the admission decision within one week of the interview.

To download additional information and forms to complete the admissions process, click on the following link.

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