Successful Practitioners

Successful Practitioners

[doctorate in business]
Non-Academic Careers of Graduates
Enhancing Career Advancement 

The doctoral graduates that continued managerial or professional careers applied their new knowledge and skill to progress rapidly. Whether they remain with their pre-graduation employers or shift to new organizations, their doctoral degrees open new opportunities. Below is a partial list of their diverse employers.

Non- Academic Employers of Graduates
Ambras Fine Jewelry
American Higher Education Development
American Medical Security Life
ASML Holding
Association of Internal Management Consultants
Bridgewater Innovations Group
Business Council of Westchester
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Commercial Capital
Department of Environmental Protection
DiGabriele, McNulty & Campanella
Dream Team Marketers
Energy East
Enterprise Solutions
First Professional Management
Ford Motor
Fuji Photo Film USA
Gartner Group
Gate Street Partners
Genesis Bio-Pharmaceuticals
Gunneson Group International
Holcombe Group
Holloway Collection
Hudson United Bank
JP Morgan Chase
Internal Revenue Service
J. Walter Thompson
La Salle Group
Lakeside Financial Services
Leviton Manufacturing
Lockheed Martin
Marshall Associates
Metropolitan Transit Authority
MGI Management Institute
Mitsui USA
New York State Banking Department
Pacific Frontier
PAR Enterprises
Security Industry Automation
Taiwan Board of Foreign Trade
The Sci-lab Group
Tillson Group
Tung Ling
Univest Securities
Verizon VK Systems
Wayne Machine & Die

Of these graduates, 42% became CEOs. An additional 12% became executive vice presidents, senior vice presidents, or vice presidents. Below is a partial list of their positions.

Positions of Graduates
Chief Executive Officer
Chairman, President, and CEO
Chairman & CEO
President and CEO
Executive Director
Managing Director
Village Manager
Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President
Attorney at Law and Partner
Senior Consultant
Vice President and Category Leader
Vice President for Global Information Technology
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
General Superintendent
Administrator of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Director of Business Continuity
Director of Compensation and Benefits
Director of Information Security
Director of Pharmacy Department
Director of Research
Director of Treasury
Senior Manager of Automated System
Support Executive for Latin America
Business Manager
Financial Manager
Investment Manager
Marketing Manager
Real Estate Manager
Mechanical Engineer
Tax Law Specialist
Consultant - Writer
Independent Consultant


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