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Pforzheimer Honors College

Types of Honors Courses

We have attempted to create as much flexibility with the types of Honors courses that are offered each semester to meet the needs of the Honors students. The following are the variations of Honors Courses offered each semester and ways in which students can earn honors credit for other courses:

Exclusive Honors Courses

These are classes offered every semester that are only open to Honors students.

Non-Exclusive Honors Courses

These are courses in which a specified number of seats are held open for Honors students. The rest of the seats are open to non-Honors students. Courses which are listed as Non-Exclusive Honors are usually upper level courses taught by Pace faculty which the Honors Director and Faculty Advisor have determined to be challenging enough to warrant an Honors course designation.

Honors Option Courses

An Honors student may take ANY 200-level or above course for Honors credit if the student applies to do an Honors Option, provided that Honors is not already offering a section of that course.  The application process involves getting permission from the faculty member and an agreement to submit extra work for the course. The student may apply online and will receive final approval from the Honors College. The student must receive a B- or higher in the class. Students who enter the Honors College as a freshman can do TWO (2) Honors Option courses in their academic careers at Pace; transfer students are allowed to do ONE (1) Honors Option course. Applications for an Honors Option are available on the online forms website, found here. All Honors Option applications must be completed within the first 3 weeks of the semester in which the course is being taught.

Senior Thesis

All Honors students must complete an Honors Thesis which is due in the student's last semester. Students will defend their thesis to their advisor and a second reader in a brief presentation upon its completion. The thesis is to be original and good enough to submit to a graduate school in the student's field as a sample of their best scholarly work. The thesis must be a minimum of 25 pages unless an exception is granted by the Director. The thesis may be completed in any field but is most commonly in the student's major. Examples of acceptable topics include those that involve laboratory research (sciences); critical analysis of works of literature, philosophy or art (humanities); research using original sources or field work (social sciences, marketing); original programming (computer science); analysis of business practices, laws or standards (accounting, finance, management); or a creative piece of work (art, poetry, theatre). The thesis must be completed under the supervision of a faculty mentor in that field. 


Any Honors student may receive honors credit for successfully completing an internship either during a semester or the summer break. Students who wish to receive Honors credit for an internship must apply online. The application must be filled out and have approval from Director before they start the internship. For the application process, the student must get a letter from the internship provider and upload it to the online application. At the end of the internship, the student must a) have the internship supervisor submit the Internship Grade Form verifying that the student completed all the requirements of the internship, and b) write an 8-10 page essay on an academic topic which grows out of the internship experience.

Travel Abroad/Study Abroad Course

The Honors College encourages Honors students to take a travel course or study abroad during their careers here at Pace. Students can receive Honors course credit for either doing a travel course or for studying abroad. In order to get honors credit, students must apply online for permission. At the end of the semester, the student must do a formal presentation about their experience.