April Bartlett

April Bartlett

Clinical Lecturer
Production Design Program Head
Sands College of Performing Arts
Performing Arts


Faculty Bio

April M. Bartlett is an Emmy award winning visual artist specializing in storytelling and is inspired by the limitless potential of an undefined space. She is a production designer, scenic designer, educator, coordinator, and maker.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

PAPD 110: Fndmntls of Scenery Stagecraft
PAPD 111: Stagecraft
PAPD 178: Topics: Production I
PAPD 211: Scenic Design I
PAPD 270: Rendering and Graphics
PAPD 271: Drafting I
PAPD 371: Scene Painting I
PAPD 373: Scenic & Costume Practicum II
PAPD 373: Scenic and Costume Practicum II
PAPD 471: Industry for Prdctn & Design
PAPD 472: Seminar and Portfolio
PAPD 473: Scenic & Costume Practicum III