Birds eye view of a production

About Sands

Sands College of Performing Arts’ mission is to foster a visionary and diverse community of dedicated practitioners, bold leaders, and inspirational changemakers. We cultivate individuality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We nurture a community of courageous and empathetic artists. We are a community that is constantly reflecting, engaging, and taking action as we evolve as artists and world citizens.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Accountability
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Individuality
  • Creativity
  • Empathy

Cultivate individuality

  • Incorporate innovative curriculum that energizes students to embrace new advances in the arts
  • Advise students on their individual paths to achieve their goals
  • Foster faculty and student collaboration through coursework and production
  • Provide classes that prioritize individual attention, feedback, and collaboration

Foster Community Collaboration

  • Create opportunities for faculty-to-faculty, faculty-to-student, and student-to-student mentorship
  • Inspire cross-program experiences that allow students to investigate other disciplines
  • Cultivate networking opportunities through alumni and industry relationships
  • Engage with the university community through interdisciplinary projects and curriculum
  • Partner with local downtown arts organizations to further support the growth and health of performing arts in New York City

Inspire Courage and Bravery

  • Push boundaries and develop new works to ensure that we stay cutting-edge
  • Inspire a willingness to risk failure and be open to new ideas
  • Examine, reflect on, and actively question our biases
  • Challenge our students to investigate the social, political, economic, and cultural contexts of the works we explore

Promote mentorship and empathy between students and faculty

  • Actively create a professional and academic space that is safe, inclusive, and equitable
  • Promote a healthy balance between academics and life
  • Develop supportive relationships and networks within the school and university
  • Build a network of alumni and industry professionals that creates connections for students and faculty