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Instant Messaging

Lync Within Pace

Communicate with fellow classmates and colleagues easily using the University supported instant messaging tool from Microsoft Lync.

For more information on the features, refer to the Microsoft Lync resource page.

Lync With Other Universities and Outside Organizations

Pace’s Lync server has “open federation” enabled.  To communicate with Lync users in other organizations that also have open federation, simply add them to your contact list.  ITS has successfully tested Lync federation with a number of organizations including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Indiana University.  Questions regarding Lync federation at Pace should be directed to

If you aren’t sure if someone has Lync, you can use the “Who Can Federate” tool to scan your Outlook contacts.  It is available here: Who Can Federate. If you want to view other universities using Lync click .edu Federation Registry. If you want to view the full list of any organization using Lync click Lync Federation Directory Project.

Lync with Other Instant Messaging Applications

ITS is reviewing communication features that would allow MS Lync users from Pace to communicate with outside individuals using other Instant Messaging applications such as Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Google Chat, Skype.

Check back for periodic updates as these new features are implemented.