Student Managed Investment Portfolio

The amazing performance of these Pace students at the Pleasantville and New York campuses testifies to the pedagogical soundness of the Experiential Learning approach to educating 21st-century scholars.
Professor Ron Filante

The main purpose of this course (FIN 357) is the management of a portfolio worth about $300,000 sponsored by the University. The students who manage the SMIP engage in direct contact with leading financial analysts and hedge fund managers. The students conduct research on individual companies and use G-PACT stock analysis packages such as Stock-Val and Telerate, and recommend purchases and sales. The class then votes to approve or reject the recommendation.

What's unique about this course?

  • Compete against 140 other SMIPS at the Global Asset Management Education Forum held in in March and sponsored by Quinnipiac University and NASDAQ-OMX. From 2005-2014, students competed against 300+ other SMIPS at the Redefining Investment Strategy Education Conference held in Dayton, Ohio in April, sponsored by the University of Dayton's Center for Portfolio Management.
  • Participate in the GAME Forum sponsored by Quinnipiac University
  • Prepare for a career in equity analysis
  • Learn how to use G-PACT stock analysis packages, such as Stock-Val and Telerate
  • Apply real world knowledge towards investment decisions
  • Attend various conferences and events
  • Engage in direct contact with leading financial analysts and hedge fund managers

What students think about the course:

Students who took the course enjoyed the "real world exposure to equity research and fund management," and "hands-on experience." They also enjoyed beating the S&P, Dow, and NASDAQ indices. In the average year for this decade, the SMIP outperformed the Dow by 383 basis points, the S&P 500 by 428 and the NASDAQ by 66. The Student Managed Investment Portfolio's gain for the 2016-17 year was 22.24%, outperforming the gains of its 2016 benchmark indices: the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) 14%, S&P 500 9.4%, and NASDAQ 7.5%.

Permission of the instructor is required to register for this course. Interested students should come in to see Professor Ron Filante. All majors are welcome.

Telephone (914) 773-3708, e-mail

To expedite the process, submit a brief application with the following information:

  • Other courses you have taken that prepare you for this course
  • Your life/career details that make this course a good fit for you
  • What you want to take away from the course

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