trading room housing the Global Portfolio Analysis Center on the New York City Campus of Pace University

Bloomberg Lab

The Bloomberg Lab (also known as the Trading Room) contains PCs equipped with various statistical and analytical software, such as Bloomberg Professional Service. They are linked to the Internet through the common Pace University proxy server. There is also a Trans-Lux 64 character LED Jet and a 12 lines x 32 Character Datawall for up-to-date stock and news Information.

The Lab is open to students from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If the door is locked during these hours, students may call Campus Security at (212) 346-1800 or use the in-house phone mounted on the wall across from the Lab and dial extension 11800 to request the door be opened.

Learn more about finance-related software available at the Lubin School, both through Lab and through other avenues.

“Having gone through simulations at the lab, our students appreciate how market participants without a clearly formulated strategy can be left behind by ruthlessly efficient financial markets. It's a big advantage our students will have when they graduate.”

- Padma Kadiyala, Professor of Finance