Alyssa Burnham

Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Health Professions
Physician Assistant Studies NY

Courses Taught

Past Courses

PAS 505: Human Physiology
PAS 506: Hlth His & Phys. Diagnosis I
PAS 511: Prfssnlsm and Biomdcl Ethcs
PAS 601: Clinical Medicine I
PAS 602: Clinical Medicine II
PAS 603: Clinical Medicine III
PAS 606: Hlth Histry & Physcl Dgnsis II
PAS 607: Hlth Hstry & Physcl Dgnsis III
PAS 609: Surgical & Technical Skills I
PAS 610: Surgical & Technical Skills II
PAS 701: Clrkshp in Internal Medicine
PAS 702: Clerkship in Pediatrics
PAS 703: Clerkship in Women's Health
PAS 704: Clrkshp in Behavioral Medicine
PAS 705: Clerkship in Family Medicine
PAS 707: Clerkship in Surgery