Sharon Medow

Sharon Medow

Senior Lecturer
School of Education
School of Education New York
Room 1120
163 William Street


Awards and Honors

  • Pace University, 2010, University's Distinguished Service Award for the NYC Campus
  • Pace University, 2006, 30 year employee recognition award


MS, Brooklyn College, New York, NY, 1974
Elementary Education

BA, Pace Universoty, 1971
Elementary Education

Research and Creative Works

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Taking it to the streets
[Nonfiction - Print Journal] Educational Leadership journal

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ED 559: Student Tchng/Practica TESOL
ED 620: Elem Meth: Learn to Teach
ED 627: Literacy and Humanities
ED 630: Hmn Dvlpmnt in School Context
ED 633: Foundations of Education
ED 634: Erly Chldhd Ltrcy: Prcs & Prac
ED 636: Meth Sci Intrdscplnry Tch 1-6
ED 637: Mthd:Math Intrdscplnry Tch 1-6
ED 638: Soc Stud Intrdscplnry Tch, 1-6
ED 639: Internship Exprnc w/ Chldrn I
ED 639: Internship Exprnc w/ Chldrn II
ED 649: Intrnshp Exprnc w/ Adlscnt II
ED 691: Stdnt Tchng Chld Spcl Ed Clsrm
ED 691: Stdnt Tchng in Chldhd Classrm
ED 691: Tchng Intrnshp in Chldhd Clsrm
ED 692: Stdnt Tchng in Adlscnt Clsrm
ED 692: Stdnt Tchng in Edct'nl Tchnlgy
ED 692: Tchng Intrnshp Adlscnt Clsrm
EDG 606: Learning Environments
EDG 610: Methods in Inclusive Settings
EDG 621: Seminar in Inclusive
EDG 622: Clinical Practice in Teaching
EDG 623: Internship with Children II
EDG 623: Intrnshp Exprnc with Children
EDG 624: Teaching Internship
EDG 691: Stdnt Tchng-Visual Arts Pre-K
TCH 201: Edctn I: Understanding Schools
TCH 201: Understanding Schools
TCH 211: Professional Seminar III
TCH 211: Profl Sem II: Keep Child Safe
TCH 212: Humanities & Creative Arts
TCH 222: Hollywood's Rprsnttn of School
TCH 301: CPD Experience
TCH 310: CPD Field Experience-Childhood
TCH 310: Emergent and Early Literacy
TCH 314: FldwrkI:Field Exp. in Child
TCH 315: Fldwrk II: Fld Exprncs in Chld
TCH 350: Math Methods: Intgrtd Approach
TCH 350: Topic:CPD Field Experience
TCH 410: CPD Experience
TCH 410: Ltrcy II: Tchng Fluent Readers
TCH 410: Teaching Literacy Methods
TCH 412: Ltrcy Instrcn Secondary School
TCH 414: Stu Tchng Sem in Erly Chldhd
TCH 417: Stdnt Tchng Smnr Chldhd Sttngs
TCH 419: Stdnt Tchng Sem in Adolsc Set
TCH 420: Sci Methods: Intgrtd Approach
TCH 440: CPD Field Experience:Childhood
TCH 440: Soc Sci Mthds: Intgrtd Apprch
TCH 452: CPD Experience
TCH 490: Language Arts & Children's Lit
TCH 493: Stdnt Tchng Erly Chldhd
TCH 494: Stdnt Tchng Smnr in Early Chld
TCH 495: Stdnt Tchng in Adlscnt Clssrm
TCH 495: Stdnt Tchng/Smnr in Adol. Clrm
TCH 498: Sprvsd Stdnt Tchng & Sem
UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty

Publications and Presentations


Using the visual and performing arts to complement young adolescents’ “close reading” of texts
Falk-Ross, F., McDermott, P. & Medow, S. Middle School Journal. Vol 43 (Issue 1) , pages 27-33.

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • International Reading Association
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Kappa Delta Pi [Co-Counselor]
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Kappa Delta Pi [Member]
  • Phi Delta Kappa

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