Sharon Medow

Sharon Medow

School of Education
School of Education New York
Room 1120
163 William Street


Awards and Honors

  • Pace University, 2010, University's Distinguished Service Award for the NYC Campus
  • Pace University, 2006, 30 year employee recognition award

Licensures and Certificates

NYC Department of Education Substitute Teaching Certificate (Grades 1-6)
NJ Elementary Education Certification, Permanent
NYS Elementary Education Certification, Permanent
NYC Board of Education Teacher of Early Childhood (Grade N - 2)
NYC Board of Education Teacher of Common Branch Subjects, (Grades 1 - 6)

Research and Creative Works

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Taking it to the streets
[Nonfiction - Print Journal] Educational Leadership journal

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ED 559: Student Tchng/Practica TESOL
ED 620: Elem Meth: Learn to Teach
ED 627: Literacy and Humanities
ED 630: Hmn Dvlpmnt in School Context
ED 633: Foundations of Education
ED 634: Erly Chldhd Ltrcy: Prcs & Prac
ED 636: Meth Sci Intrdscplnry Tch 1-6
ED 637: Mthd:Math Intrdscplnry Tch 1-6
ED 638: Soc Stud Intrdscplnry Tch, 1-6
ED 639: Internship Exprnc w/ Chldrn I
ED 639: Internship Exprnc w/ Chldrn II
ED 649: Intrnshp Exprnc w/ Adlscnt II
ED 691: Stdnt Tchng in Chldhd Classrm
ED 691: Tchng Intrnshp in Chldhd Clsrm
ED 692: Stdnt Tchng in Adlscnt Clsrm
ED 692: Stdnt Tchng in Edct'nl Tchnlgy
ED 692: Tchng Intrnshp Adlscnt Clsrm
EDG 606: Learning Environments
EDG 621: Seminar in Inclusive
EDG 622: Clinical Practice in Teaching
EDG 623: Internship with Children II
EDG 623: Intrnshp Exprnc with Children
EDG 624: Teaching Internship
TCH 201: Edctn I: Understanding Schools
TCH 211: Professional Seminar III
TCH 211: Profl Sem II: Keep Child Safe
TCH 212: Humanities & Creative Arts
TCH 222: Hollywood's Rprsnttn of School
TCH 301: CPD Experience
TCH 310: CPD Field Experience-Childhood
TCH 315: Fldwrk II: Fld Exprncs in Chld
TCH 350: Math Methods: Intgrtd Approach
TCH 350: Topic:CPD Field Experience
TCH 410: CPD Experience
TCH 410: Ltrcy II: Tchng Fluent Readers
TCH 410: Teaching Literacy Methods
TCH 412: Ltrcy Instrcn Secondary School
TCH 420: Sci Methods: Intgrtd Approach
TCH 440: CPD Field Experience:Childhood
TCH 440: Soc Sci Mthds: Intgrtd Apprch
TCH 452: CPD Experience
TCH 490: Language Arts & Children's Lit
TCH 495: Stdnt Tchng/Smnr in Adol. Clrm
TCH 498: Sprvsd Stdnt Tchng & Sem
UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty

Publications and Presentations


Using the visual and performing arts to complement young adolescents’ “close reading” of texts
Falk-Ross, F., McDermott, P. & Medow, S. (2016, December 14). Middle School Journal. Vol 43 (Issue 1) , pages 27-33.

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

International Reading Association
National Association for the Education of Young Children
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Kappa Delta Pi [Co-Counselor]
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Kappa Delta Pi [Member]
Phi Delta Kappa