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Preparing Globally-Minded Teachers

Pace University School of Education is committed to fostering international collaboration and preparing globally minded teachers. We are one of the few education schools in the region to offer faculty-led, international courses that provide our aspiring teachers with hands-on learning experience in Italy and Ecuador.

Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers

Ciao Italia! “Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers” takes students to Florence and Rome, Italy, to explore educational philosophies in the European context. This course focuses on the Roman-Italian thinkers, such as Marcus Tullius Cicero, Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, Pietro Paolo Vergerio-the Elder, Maria Montessori, and Reggio Emilia. Students examine how the Italian pedagogical thinking and approaches have influenced practices in the United States. As part of this journey, participants will visit cultural sites, attend college lectures, and engage with students in local Italian schools. And let us not forget to mention all the delicious Italian food!

Take a trip with Arianna Zahurudin

Take a trip with Arianna Zahurudin '22 and experience her educational journey abroad in Italy! Arianna documented all the highlights of the faculty-led course, “Following the Footsteps of Early European Educational Thinkers,” when she took over our Instagram story.

Ecuador with a Cause: Service Learning & Cultural Program

Buenos Dias! “Ecuador with a Cause: Service Learning & Cultural Program” integrates civic engagement and service with cultural immersion in Ecuador. This seminar is designed for students who wish to provide service to others while acquiring global experiences that will enrich their personal, academic, and professional lives. Participating teacher candidates can tutor elementary children in a rural Ecuadorian school, learn the social and cultural heritage of Ecuador, study the historical and contemporary forces influencing Ecuador, visit cultural and historical sites, as well as participate in campus-based and in-country seminars. Through these travel seminars, our teacher candidates are able to reflect on their international experience and relate it to their future teaching or career.

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