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Clubs and Honor Societies


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FEA is an organization whose purpose is to unite all students who are interested in education as a profession. Our objective is to assure that those students interested in education can belong to an organization that is tailored to the profession by providing beneficial workshops like Project Learning Tree, and guest speakers discussing up-to-date educational information, skills, and strategies that are necessary to become a successful educator. FEA is also associated and involved with National Educators Association, which is a nationwide organization that supports education and its many facets.

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Pi Lambda Theta is an honor society and professional association for educators. As an honor society, its purpose is to recognize persons of superior scholastic achievement and high potential for professional leadership. As a professional association, its purpose is to stimulate independent-thinking educators who can ask critical questions to improve educational policies and practices. Pi Lambda Theta's mission is to honor outstanding educators and inspire their leadership on critical education issues. As a selective organization, PLT extends membership to students majoring in education who demonstrate academic excellence, as well as to professional educators who have earned a PLT-recognized award such as certification by the National board for professional teaching standards in the United States.

At Pace University, members of PLT have a minimum GPA of a 3.7, and are either seniors and graduate students obtaining a degree in education.


KDP is an international honor society dedicated to building a community of educators committed to scholarship and excellence in education. Members value, and have pledged to cultivate and recognize, scholarly work and excellent practice in their locales. Pace University’s chapter seeks to make a difference in our immediate neighborhood as members contribute their time and talents in programs they develop together. Through planning and directing educational and fundraising events, members experience professional growth and explore what it means to be a leader.