Tasha Darbes

Tasha Darbes

Assistant Professor
School of Education
School of Education Westchester

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ED 551: Foundation of Bilingual Edu
ED 555: Tchng & Lrnng to Write
ED 556: Curriculum Mthd & Assessment I
ED 556: Curriculum Mthd & Assessmnt II
ED 557: Lngstcs & Grmmr for Lng Tchrs
ED 559: Student Tchng/Practica TESOL
EDG 609: Lang, Ltrcy, and Glbl Prspctvs
EDG 615: Wrld Lngs Instrctn and Assmnt
EDU 696: Ecuador With a Cause
TCH 296: Ecuador with a Cause
TCH 351: Foundations of Bilingual Edu
TCH 427: Tchng Wld Lang to Adolescent
TCH 452: CPD Experience
TCH 452: Language Acqstn & Englsh Lrng
TCH 453: Mthds & Matrls: Tchng Bi-Ling

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Meet Tasha Darbes, PhD, a Pace School of Education professor with a passion for the transformative power of education.