The Pace University School of Education honored our newest inductees into the Pi Lambda Theta honor society, during a ceremony with their family and friends, that took place on Sunday, March 24th.

Pi Lambda Theta is one of the nation’s most prestigious education honor societies, serving to recognize outstanding students who intend to pursue careers in education. With more than 185,000 individuals inducted across the nation since 1910, membership signifies a strong commitment to academic excellence and the teaching profession.

Induction into Pi Lambda Theta is a distinction awarded only to the most high-achieving students committed to the teaching profession. Nominated students must meet the most rigorous academic requirements. As an honor society, Pi Lambda Theta's purpose is to recognize persons of superior scholastic achievement and high potential for professional leadership. Pi Lambda Theta seeks to: FOSTER creativity and academic excellence at all educational levels; DEMONSTRATE the power of competence in the body of knowledge unique to the profession; IMPROVE the status of educators, and PROMOTE professional fellowship and cooperation as a means to positive action.

Pi Lambda Theta advisor, Dr. Christine Clayton gave the opening remarks and was followed by Adjunct Professor, Joan Kass who is a lifelong member. Joan told the students “Stepping into the classroom you bring your full self, everything you know, understand, and value as you and your students travel a very special path together. We wish you great success, joy, personal fulfillment, continued seeking of knowledge, understanding, and learning as you move forward in this most worthy, important, and awe-inspiring profession of being a teacher.”

Certificates were presented to the inductees with the help of Staff Associate Liz Luongo and Adjunct Professor Linda Carlson, followed by a candle lighting ceremony facilitated by Dr. Christine Clayton.

Two students closed with inspiring reflections.

Career changer Sobeyda Done, now an MST student in Childhood/Childhood Special Education, spoke about returning to graduate school and balancing studies with family life. In speaking of the School of Education and teaching, she said “This program has taught me that our classrooms continue to excel into an era that appreciates diversity. Today, I consider myself to be an eager student willing to absorb any new information that will help me become a good teacher, one that will establish rapport, trust and respect, one that strongly believes in students' ability to achieve."

Catherine Riley, a BA in Childhood Ed and MSEd in Special Ed, spoke about the influences on her development, “Everyone here has their own reasons for entering education. From the influence of a family member who may be in the education field to a teacher from our past who influenced us.” She also spoke of the role of educators, “Teachers are more than just a person standing in front of the classroom all day. They are the coaches, mentors, and advisors that we interact with every day. Teachers take on more roles than what is expected.”

Congratulations to our inductees!

Pace University’s 2019 Pi Lambda Theta Inductees:

Stephanie Abraham                                        Jessica LaPadula           
Julia Alberico                                                  Christina Lobo

Gabrielle Barberi                                             Charles Luisi                         

Lisa Buzzeo                                                    Deanna Mickelsen

Amanda Cohen                                               Mackenzie Myers                                

Cassandra Davide                                           Stephanie Myhal   

Deasia Delvalle                                               Amanda Noble                           

Steven DeMartis                                              Riley Peterson                                         

Tanner Diebold                                               Ariana Pietaro                   

Coral DiMichele                                               Catherine Reilly   
Emily DiSilvestro                                              Loren Rodgers               

Sobeyda Done                                                  Nicholas Saviano III

Suzette Gagos                                                  Stephanie Schwartzberg
Alicia Gallagher                                                Kerri Scrivanos
Susan Granata                                                  Katherine Semenetz
Nicole  Hyman                                                  Mark Sweatlock                                                                             

Julia Iovieno                                                      Nicole Swerdloff                                                                                

Xiao-lei Jiang                                                    Maria Torres                          

Theresa Kahan                                                  Stephanie Waldron

Lindsay Kraus                                                    Lindsey Woytowich 

Olga Kreymer                                                      

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