A Special Visit from Dr. Carol Franks-Randall

Author and educator, Dr. Carol Franks-Randall, visited Dr. Smith’s TCH 306 class and shared her experiences as an educator, writer, and even read her children’s book, Jamal and Me. As an experienced principal and early childhood educator, Dr. Franks-Randall shared an incredible wealth of knowledge, and immediately engaged the students. During the class, they discussed various topics such as her experience as a principal, the inspiration behind her books, and even suggestions for making a new student feel welcome. Students also asked about activities and themes they can use with their own young students based on the empathy, friendship and collaboration that the characters portrayed in Jamal and Me. Besides talking about her experience as an educator, Dr. Franks Randall also shared the process of becoming a published author as well as her relationship with the illustrator of her three books. It fascinated the students that she worked so closely with her illustrator via email, but never met her!

“Dr. Franks-Randall’s talk connects to my aspirations as a future early childhood educator because I would love to implement her books in my classroom as well as books she knows and loves.”


As TCH 306 students embark on their field placements this semester, Dr. Franks-Randall welcomed them as future educators and engaged in conversations about their experiences so far. As a retired superintendent for Elmsford and special educator and administrator for BOCES PNW and Bedford, students welcomed the insights received from such an experienced educator who is familiar with local school districts.

“Having Dr. Frank-Randall come to our class is so wonderful. As she was talking today, I really realized how much goes into children’s books…It’s important that I present books, to my future students, that showcase themes they can relate to.”


Feedback from the students was nothing but positive, and Dr. Smith shared, “We were so honored that Carol joined us and that the students learned so much from her visit.”