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Raquel Plotka

Assistant Professor

School of Education

School of Education New York

  • @New York City


PhD , Fordham University , 2012
Doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology

MA , Teachers College, Columbia University , 2008
Masters of Arts in Developmental Psychology

BA , Touro College , 2003
Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology

Awards and Honors

  • Foundation for Child Development, October 2012 - Riecken Fellowship
  • Distinguished Pass, March 2010 - Doctoral Candidacy
  • National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), November 2009 - ECLS-B Fellowship
  • Fordham University, 2007 - Presidential Scholarship
  • Teachers College, Columbia University, 2006 - Human Development Departmental Scholarship
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund, 2006 - Pfizer Fellow


Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2018). Abuela knows best: Learning from Latino grandmothers when supporting young children's narrative skills. Vol 16 (Issue 3) , pages 1-21.

Wang, X. & Plotka, R. (2016, December 14). Lending a Helping Hand in Idiom Comprehension of Bilingual Children. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09575146.2016.1258693


Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2019, April 5). 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Research Association. Collectivist approaches for supporting young children's narrative skills. Toronto, Canada

Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2018, July 25). 13th International Conference on interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Supporting Latino children's narrative skills through the use of culturally-responsive strategies: What can early childhood educators learn from Latino parents?. Granada, Spain

Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2017, July). European Congress of Psychology. Same Child Different Languages: Comparing Children's Character Representation and Social Orientation in Spanish and English Narratives.. Amsterdam

Plotka, R., Wang, X. & Eberhardt, P. (2017, July). The 20th European Conference on Literacy. Using English Language Learners' Gestures as Clues to Help Them Develop English Vocabulary. Madrid

Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2017, April). Society for Research in Child Development. Biennial Meeting. Comparing Children's Narrative Complexity with Grandmothers and Parents in U.S. Latino Families. Austin

Plotka, R. & Guirguis, R. (2016, December). Zero-to-Three 30th Annual Conference.. Engaging Latino Families in Early Childhood Education Programs: Barriers, Misconceptions, and Recommendation. New Orleans

Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2016, August). 3rdBaltic17thNordic Literacy Conference. Landing a Helping Hand in Idiom Comprehension of Bilingual Children.

Plotka, R. & Wang, X. (2016, July). Children Conversations with Parents and Grandparents in Latino Families. 24th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development. Vilnaus

Plotka, R. & Guirguis, R. (2015, December). 32nd Head Start Parent and Family Engagement Conference. Developing Self-regulation, Cognition, and Social/Emotional Skills. San Diego

Plotka, R. & Guirguis, R. (2015, December). 32nd Head Start Parent and Family Engagement Conference. Developmental Parenting: A Research-Based Approach to Home-Visiting.. San Diego


Social and emotional processes in early childhood. The role of culture, policy, and media in developmental and family processes. Early childhood education. Mother-child interactions. Parent-child interactions in Latino families.

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