CHP student walking around the Westchester campus.

Order Your Books Online

Textbooks for Pace University course can now be purchased online. This includes textbooks for WWW and WA* courses.  Students can order textbooks online by using a credit card and having the textbooks shipped to any designated address.  When you are ready to order your textbooks online, please have the CRN number of your course available. If you do not see your course listed, please contact your professor.   Please Note: Some course materials may not be available until 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Students enrolled in a WWW course are encouraged to get their textbooks through the Pace Online Bookstore.  However, if you usually purchase textbooks for your face-to-face classes at one of the campus bookstores, WWW textbooks will be available in campus bookstores. If you cannot find your WWW textbook see a bookstore manager for assistance.

Any student enrolled in a Web-Assisted (WA*) course will find their textbooks in the Pace bookstore on the designated campus where they will be attending classes.  Students also have the option of ordering WA* textbooks through the online website.

To access the Pace Online Bookstore, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Pace Online Bookstore.
  2. Choose your Campus
  3. On the Campus Shop menu (on the top of the page), click on the submenu Textbooks.
  4. Select a Term
  5. Select a Department
  6. Select Course #
  7. Select a Section
  8. Click Continue button
  9. From here, select the textbooks you would like to purchase. If textbooks are not listed, please check with your instructor.  It is possible that he/she has not yet assigned a textbook -- or is planning to use online resources primarily. Once you have reviewed the textbooks needed for your course, you can choose to check out by clicking Add All to Cart or you can go back to the Order Your Textbook page to select textbooks for additional courses.
  10. Once you have selected all the textbooks you would like to purchase click Checkout to complete your order.
  11. Students new to the Pace Online Bookstore, should create a new account, to register your personal information