The Community Advocate

May 2, 2023
CHP student Alexa Slack

Alexa Slack ’23 has made a significant impact while at Pace. Earning a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and a minor in public health, she’s excelled admirably in the classroom—earning an impressive 3.96 GPA and establishing herself as one of Pace’s highest achieving students.

At the same time, she’s also dedicated her undergraduate years to helping others; serving as a mentor to younger students while proving to be an effective leader through several different leadership roles across multiple organizations. Her commitment to service has been duly recognized by the Pace—she was presented the 2023 Westchester Campus Community Service Award, an award that is presented to only one graduating senior, recognized for their outsized impact to the surrounding community through social responsibility.

Alexa has long been an advocate for student needs, empowering her fellow Pace Setters to thrive in their own undergraduate experiences. This skill of hers has been on display for several semesters now as a University 101 Peer Leader, through which Alexa co-taught and mentored 21 first-year honors students with assistance from a faculty advisor, equipping them with the know-how and support to succeed socially and academically.

“It wasn’t something I initially set out to do,” says Alexa of her role as a Peer Leader. She notes that she was swayed by the support and enthusiasm of Honors College Senior Staff Associate Carol Turco, whose mentorship has played a major role throughout Alexa’s college career—ultimately inspiring Alexa to become a mentor to others.

“I love getting to interact with the younger students and guide them as they adjust to life at Pace, and help them grow,” adds Alexa.

I love getting to interact with the younger students and guide them as they adjust to life at Pace, and help them grow.

Alexa will graduate as one of the College of Health Profession’s brightest stars, but her path to health sciences wasn’t exactly straightforward. In fact, she entered Pace not as CHP student, but as a prospective political science major. After taking some courses in health science, Alexa realized the policy and community change she was seeking in political science may in fact be more impactful through working for meaningful change in health care.

“I switched into health sciences and I took my first class, which was Health Care Ethics with Sheryl Scalzo. I fell in love with the subject of health sciences and public health.”

Slack credits professionalism of the CHP faculty and the high quality of the health sciences program for helping her find her professional calling. After graduation, Slack will be pursuing a master’s degree in epidemiology at The George Washington University—building upon her studies as an undergraduate to help implement holistic models of public health that look beyond individual-level diagnosis.

“One of my favorite things about epidemiology and public health is that it looks at the whole community—it gets down systemic roots of diseases and different healthcare inequities that I think is very, very important.”

Wherever the future takes Alexa, we know the communities she serves will have a fearless advocate, intent on fostering positive change through action.

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