CSD Student Offered a Placement at Private Pediatric Clinic Prior to Graduation

Olivia Fratta
April 20, 2022

Wilmarie Vazquez Milian, senior communication sciences disorders major, is a dedicated and hardworking student with a passion for helping children.

The choice to enter the dynamic field of communication sciences and disorders was a path she always knew she would take from a young age. Wilmarie was inspired by the fact that this profession allowed her to work with children and help make a difference in their lives while giving her the opportunity to focus her education on medicine.

Wilmarie Vazquez Milian

Once she received her undergraduate degree, Wilmarie started her career as a speech language-pathologist assistant in Florida. After looking for a master’s program that could provide her with the certification to become a speech-language pathologist, Wilmarie gravitated toward Pace University due to the vast number of opportunities available in the program. CHP's exceptional externship experiences drew Wilmarie all the way from Florida to study at Pace.

This competitive and rigorous program has given her the chance to advance her education and career. Wilmarie landed an externship at a private pediatric clinic in Astoria, Queens and prior to her May 2022 graduation date, she was offered a placement with the practice to complete her clinical fellowship.

Wilmarie recommends working at this facility due to the blend of different populations and disorders; she also appreciates the chance to gain a different point of view from learning outside of a school environment. “My hopes after graduation are to continue to soak up as much information as I can to better expand my network and career opportunities, be that in New York, Florida, or anywhere else across the state."

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“I was fortunate enough to work with a physician and participate in clinical trials that changed the fate of HIV from a death sentence to a chronic illness like asthma and diabetes. This is what ignited my passion for clinical research.”

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