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Pace Officially Dedicates the Harriet R. Feldman Center For Doctoral Education In Nursing

September 10, 2021

On Friday September 10, 2021, Pace celebrated the leadership and legacy of Dean Emerita Harriet R. Feldman, PhD, RN, FAAN with a ribbon cutting and formal dedication of Wright Cottage on the Pleasantville Campus as the Harriet R. Feldman Center for Doctoral Education in Nursing. It was an honor befitting the extraordinary leader who had the vision and passion to bring doctoral nursing programs to the College of Health Professions - first with the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in 2008 and then with the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PHD) in 2017. The Center, generously allocated and renovated by the University for the College of Health Professions, houses administration, faculty, and staff of both programs, and provides a welcome space for students to conduct research, connect with their professors, and continue the leadership of the College of Health professions that is the legacy of Dean Feldman.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and students joined Pace President Marvin Krislov, Provost Vanya Quinones, CHP Dean Marcus Tye, and Vice Dean Rhonda Maneval for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the official dedication of the building and honor Dr. Feldman for all her successes and accomplishments throughout her 28-year career with Pace.

Opening the event, Dean Tye said, “With the dedication of this building in her name, we honor the extraordinary, visionary leadership of our former dean, now dean emerita, and Pace’s first Chief Wellness Officer.”

Before cutting the ceremonial ribbon, the guest of honor spoke about her “challenging and rewarding career” that spanned 56 years, nearly 50 of which were and continue to be in academia. Dr. Feldman credited those with whom she’s worked with sustaining and helping to keep her focused on what is important

“In my varied leadership roles, I have lived by a few principles,” said Dr. Feldman. “...first is change what you can; second is don’t sweat the small stuff; third, take the high road...; fourth is show care and respect for others; and last is to keep your eyes on the greater good. The greater good for me has always been to give back, to share, to ensure the education of health practitioners is strong, is excellent, and that we stay on course to provide the best healthcare we can for whomever we meet.”

Displaying her signature sense of humor, Dr. Feldman ended by saying, “Thank you so much again for this honor, I can’t tell you how much it means to me having my own little house.”

Calling it “a great day that symbolizes the accomplishment of a great leader,” President Krislov addressed Dr. Feldman, saying “It’s part of the incredible legacy you’ve left all of us at Pace. I’m glad to have this opportunity to celebrate you and see the next phase of the leadership you have brought to us. We’re so grateful.”

Congratulations, Dr. Feldman!