Seidenberg Students Display Innovation at Pace’s Research Events

Sven Latinovic
May 10, 2024
Pace Seidenberg students presenting their research to faculty, staff, and other students and Seidenberg's Design Factory space.

Over the course of last week, the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems’ students presented their student research across two separate events at Pace University.

The first of those events, the Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Days, spotlighted the work of undergraduate students from across all of Pace’s schools and colleges who engaged in faculty-mentored research and creative inquiry during the academic year. The students showcased their scholarly or artistic work, and all of their work was created as part of a course-based research assignment, award program, co-curricular project, or in fulfillment of their Senior Capstone or Honors College thesis.

The second event, the Pforzheimer Honors College Conference 2024, also had an immersive academic showcase, as Honors students presented their research, creative work, honor theses, and innovative tech projects to the entire Pace Community. Seidenberg students were located in our Design Factory space on the 9th Floor of 15 Beekman, and showcased their work to their mentors, faculty, staff, fellow students, and family members.

Across both events, all of Seidenberg’s students presented a wide range of topics, showcasing the many different facets that technology occupies in our lives. Their research highlighted how tech innovations will be coming to all industries in the near future both locally and globally, and it exemplified the hunger for innovation that our experts, faculty, and students bring to the table.

The breadth of topics our students presented was impressive and ranged from using animations as tools for developing algorithmic thinking in artificial intelligence, to developing an orbital recycling system. One student researched how ride-hailing applications have influenced urban mobility patterns, while other students looked at how AI can be ethically utilized for the coloring process in comic books and presented new methods of developing cryptocurrency market legibility for users.

The Seidenberg school wants to thank our students who dedicated countless hours to developing their projects, and the faculty who supported them through their mentorship. This work perfectly exemplified the innovative spirit of Seidenberg, and highlighted Pace’s commitment to giving students the opportunities they need to shine and make a difference in the world.

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