John Cronin working with a group of students.

Blue Colab

Innovating Water for the Protection of Human and Environmental Health

Blue CoLab is a team of students, interns, graduate assistants, faculty, and staff who work to advance technology, information, and warning systems that protect human and environmental health from water contamination.

Advance Technology to Benefit Human and Environmental Health

Let Tech Spring in the Environment!

The Blue Xylem team is a group of Blue CoLab students and faculty, working with Xylem Inc., using technology to create an effective and efficient UX-based product for water users. The aim of the Blue Xylem Team is to build a product that will provide accurate real time information about water quality in order to protect human and environmental health from dangerous contamination.

Image of a water drop with the word UX in it.

Who’s Ada?

“Ada” is our first deployment in a coming series of real-time water monitoring stations that will compose the Choate Smart Pond Network on the Pace University campus in Pleasantville, NY. It collects water quality measurements from the pond and sends them to a central campus computer located in Elm Hall. Blue CoLab uses that data to evaluate the pond, and create apps, products, and presentations to deepen public understanding of water.

Call to Reform the Safe Drinking Water Act

Seidenberg Professor John Cronin, director of Blue CoLab, writes an op-ed in The Hill calling on congressional leaders to reform The Safe Drinking Water Act.

John Cronin