Group of students collaborating, working on their computers.

NYC Design Factory

Designing Solutions for the Future

Pace’s NYC Design Factory is part of the Design Factory Global Network, a consortium of innovation hubs at universities around the world. Through this network, student teams work together on global issues. In partnership with major corporations and international collaborators, students have pitched ideas like noise-absorbing drones, massive-scale food cooling systems, and a modern take on teen furniture design.

Learn in Interdisciplinary Global Teams

Unique learning experiences for Pace students with proven benefits to their portfolios as well as their international and interdisciplinary work experience.

1 in 30

Only one of just 30 design factories in the world working to find what’s needed for the workforce of tomorrow.

Innovative Cooperation with Industry Partners

Proven model for collaboration, allowing companies to benefit from the creativity and outside perspective of Pace students while providing an opportunity to find and hire new talent.

Students sitting at a desk working together on a computer.

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Building the Products of the Future

Designing Futurists

Professor and NYC Design Factory director Andreea Cotoranu is teaching students how to solve tomorrow’s problems. One of the staple programs are the field studies with international collaborators. The Pace team is currently working with the host CERN in Switzerland, and the focus is on health. Students participating in the field study conducted research on health and healthcare in New York and in the US, and then went to CERN to trade information with the CERN students who were studying health and healthcare in Switzerland.

Andreea Cotoranu
Jack Bonnelycke

The Back-End Engineer

Jack Bonnelycke participated in one of the NYC Design Factory Product Development Projects (PdP) and got the change to travel to Finland. He had such a great time, he’s even considering pursuing a graduate degree in Helsinki! But the biggest surprise? “This was the first time I genuinely realized how much I love my major.”

The Tech Innovator

NYC Design Factory. Alpha Lambda Delta. Pace Computing Society. Karl Eshwer ’21 is as much an innovator as he is an experienced leader, and he’s paving the way for some pretty impressive things.

Karl Eshwer