Students sitting at a desk working together on a computer.

Philosophy and Mission

Established in 1983, Pace University's School of Computer Science and Information Systems was one of the first schools dedicated to computing in the USA. In 2007, it became the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, named for benefactor Ivan G. Seidenberg.

We often hear from our alumni that one of the things their employers are the most impressed by is how they learned the theory behind the practice of their job in computing. Having the skills to finish the task is often enough for new software developers or computer scientists to land an impressive job, but understanding the theory behind the problems you solve enables you to apply your knowledge in a multitude of ways – solving problems that graduates from other backgrounds couldn’t.

By confronting not only the hows of a problem but also the whys, our students have a fundamental understanding of their field that empowers them to rapidly grow in their new jobs as the experience piles up. That’s not to say our students don’t already have plenty of experience: alongside our focus on teaching computing theory, we drive our students to apply that theory in a plethora of projects, from developing mobile apps to coding complex biometric security systems.

The Seidenberg education is rounded to provide our graduates with a foundation on which to place the skills and abilities they need to both secure a job and flourish in their careers. It’s why our alumni are in such demand with corporate recruiters and successful startups. It’s also why our alumni keep in touch with us, giving updates on their adventures and recommending our school to the next generation of computing experts.

Mission Statement

The Seidenberg School has a simple mission that reflects our core values. We aim to:

  • foster a community that provides challenging academics in balance with life-changing co-curricular activities;
  • provide a standard of excellence in technology education for our students on which they can build remarkable careers and fulfilling lives;
  • support talented faculty who pursue excellent teaching, cutting edge research and meaningful service to our communities;
  • serve as the technology heart of Pace University, providing discipline-specific hardware and software best practices for every School, department and program at the University;
  • reflect our city, state, and nation, working to provide greater opportunity and bridge the Digital Divide, particularly for women, minorities and other underserved groups; and
  • integrate global engagement as a foundation of technology education.

Message From Ivan G. Seidenberg

Pace University looks forward and meets the challenges of educating 21st century leaders. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the Seidenberg School where faculty prepare students for careers that don’t yet exist, using tools that have not yet been invented. The faculty and staff of the Seidenberg School are deeply committed to educating the next generation of leaders in the field of information technology, in all its many disciplines. At a time when opportunities within this dynamic field are growing, a degree from Pace University and the Seidenberg School will maximize your potential for success in whatever career you decide to pursue.

As an alumnus, I know first-hand the educational foundation that Pace afforded me, and I can assure you that the University has even more to offer today. It truly is a unique and valuable education to have as you begin what will surely be interesting and engaging careers. Your commitment to lifelong learning begins here.

Ivan G. Seidenberg