Group of students collaborating, working on their computers.

Centers and Labs

Blue CoLab is a team of students, interns, graduate assistants, faculty, and staff who work to advance technology, information, and warning systems that protect human and environmental health from water contamination.

The Computational Intelligence Lab empowers Pace faculty and students to do what they do best—connect, innovate, and build great things for both today and tomorrow. In this space, individuals with an interest in data science and machine learning, from Artificial Intelligence to pattern recognition, can connect.

The Cybersecurity Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that offers students hands-on learning experiences and training using real-world applications for careers focusing on cybersecurity, cyber defense, and related operations that are currently in great demand.

Pace’s NYC Design Factory is part of the Design Factory Global Network, a consortium of innovation hubs at universities around the world. Students have pitched ideas like noise-absorbing drones, massive-scale food cooling systems, and a modern take on teen furniture design.

The Pace Mobile Lab is, as its name indicates, dedicated to all things mobile, from conceiving and developing apps to using mobile innovations to address social and global challenges in areas like health, microfinance, education, and civic activism.

Pervasive computing goes beyond the realm of personal computers. Ubiquitous devices that are becoming smaller and more powerful are embedded with incredible technology and connectivity, a trend that will likely only accelerate.

The Robotics Lab research project focuses on building and testing the ADAPT robot cognitive architecture based on the Soar cognitive architecture. The lab also builds intelligent agents for network security and intrusion detection.