Image of a chip being inserted into a computer.

Pervasive Computing Lab

Exploring The Possibilities Of Human-Computer Interaction

Pervasive computing goes beyond the realm of personal computers. Ubiquitous devices that are becoming smaller and more powerful are embedded with incredible technology and connectivity, a trend that will likely only accelerate. From clothing and appliances to cars and homes, to even the human body, just about anything can become a "device"—embedded with chips and connected to an infinite network of other devices.

Get Involved

  • Study and better understand the available HCI techniques and combinations of techniques
  • Study new HCI techniques for small mobile devices and for embedded devices
  • Examine how people interact with each other and with the real world in order to devise better HCI techniques
  • Better understand ways to enable computers to use human communication modalities
  • Explore wearable and handheld computing and their enabling technologies
  • Help businesses understand and utilize these emerging pervasive computing technologies

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