Seidenberg Students Explore Innovation at Google NYC

Sven Latinovic
May 3, 2024
Pace Seidenberg students, faculty, and staff posing in front of the Google logo at the Google New York City office.

On Friday, April 26, students from Pace University's Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems experienced a day of inspiration and innovation at Google's New York City office. The visit, which featured a series of lightning talks, a facility tour, and extensive networking opportunities, was part of the school’s commitment to experiential learning, and Pace’s priority of enhancing educational experiences through real-world exposure.

The day was hosted by Tequila Lamar, an advocate for Education for Social Impact, who facilitated the engaging sessions that offered students firsthand insights into the tech industry. Highlight speakers included Vahid G., who shared his intriguing journey into technology and artificial intelligence, and Frankie Lamar, who discussed his path from a diverse background to finding success in the tech industry, and Toby Kovacs, who illustrated how a passion for sales can lead to substantial career achievements.

Students were especially excited to interact with professionals working in what many consider their dream job environment. "Being with students as they explored one of their absolute dream offices was a gift. As they get to interact and dream big about their futures, I absolutely get to do the same," reflected Katie Todd, Seidenberg’s Assistant Dean of Strategy and Engagement and the co-director of the school’s newly founded AI Lab.

The event was not only a chance for students to glimpse the inner workings of a leading global tech company but also served as a bridge between academic theories and practical, impactful tech applications.

As Seidenberg continues to facilitate these transformative experiences, its students are increasingly equipped to enter the tech field not just as participants, but as innovators and leaders.