Anthony Joseph

Anthony Joseph

Seidenberg School of CSIS
Computer Science

Anthony Joseph

Room 1107
15 Beekman
| Office Hours: Thu 3:00pm-5:30pm,Fri 3:00pm-5:30pm


Faculty Bio

Dr. A. Joseph conducts research in spectral and time frequency analyses, computational intelligence, innovation and entrepreneurship, and applied pedagogy. Applications include modeling and forecasting; statistical and data analytics; and cybersecurity.

Awards and Honors

  • NULL, 1983, City College Dean's List
  • NULL, 1983, National Dean's List, City College
  • NULL, 1975, Trustees and Alumni Awards, Academy of Aeronautics


PhD, City University of New York, 1999
Electrical Engineering

MS, The City College, 1987
Electrical Engineering

BS, The City College, 1985
Electrical Engineering

AS, Academy of Aeronautics, 1977

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Digital signal/image processing - some applications include spectral and time-frequency analysis and synthesis in economics/finance, computer security/forensics, image enhancement, and steganography; Algorithm development; Algebraic representation of computational and software tools; Computational code development; E-commerce applications; Experimental pedagogy - active learning; entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation; cooperative and collaborative learning; cooperative education and internships; and globalization;

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Technology Entrepreneurship in Computer Science
Joseph, A. & Lawler, J. January 2010 - December 2010. National Science Foundation, Pace University. Funded.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

CIS 101: Downtown New York
CIS 101: Downtown NY Learning Pod
CIS 101: Forensic Computing
CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
CIS 101: Urban Environment
CIT 348: Data Mining
CIT 397: Technology Entrepreneurship
CIT 397: Topic: Entrprnrl Hlth Infrmtcs
CIT 397: Tpc: Fncl Cmptng and Entrprnrshp
CIT 397: Tpc: Mdlng Fncl Prcss and Systms
CS 113: Mathematical Structures for CS
CS 232: Computer Organization
CS 325: Introduction to Data Mining
CS 331: Fundamentals of Data & Network
CS 371: Operating Sys/Architecture I
CS 388: Data Communications
CS 397: Financial Computing
CS 397: Technology Entrepreneurship
CS 398: Tpc: Mdlng Fncl Prcss & Systms
CS 398: Tpc:Entrepreneurial Hlth Info
CS 488: Computer Netwrk & the Internet
CS 490: Ind Study in Computer Science
CS 506: Computer Syst & Concepts
CS 600: Indpndnt Study in Grad CS
CS 603: Computer Architecture
CS 604: Computer Systems and Concepts
CS 608: Algorithms & Computing Theory
CS 619: Data Mining
CS 632: Modeling of Financial Process
CS 632: Tpc: Financial Computing
CS 632: Tpc:Entrepreneurial Hlth Info
CS 633: Data Communications & Networks
CS 634: Computer Networking & Internet
CS 691: Computer Science Project I
CS 692: Computer Science Project II
CS 693: Thesis I
CS 694: Thesis II
IS 665: Data Warehousing, Mining & Vis
IS 690: Topic: Tech Entrepreneurship
IS 690: Topics: Entrepreneurial Hlth
IS 690: Tpc: Fncl Cmptng & Entrprnrshp
IS 690: Tpc: Mdlng Fncl Prcss & Systms
IT 304: Network & Internet Security
IT 664: Computer and Internet Forensic
IT 666: Information Security Managemnt

Publications and Presentations


Financial Innovation in High-Frequency Trading (H-FT) as a Discipline in a Technology Entrepreneurship Program
Lawler, J. & Joseph, A. (2012). Vol 29 (Issue 2080)

A Case Study of Determinants of an Effective Cloud Computing Strategy,Review of Business Information Systems, ,
Lawler, J., Joseph, A. & Howell-Barber, H. (2012). Vol 16 (Issue 3)

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE) [Member]
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Computer Society [Member]
  • Association for Computing Machinery [Member]
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [Member]