Elizabeth Berro

Elizabeth Berro

Assistant Professor
College of Health Professions
Undergraduate Nursing


Awards and Honors

  • 2014, Faculty “pinner" pre-commencement recognition ceremony
  • 2013, Research Excellence Award, First Annual Pace Research Day, for “Integrating Simulation Scenarios in the Classroom: Pharmacology to Medical-Nursing”
  • 2013, Star Award, Pace University Team Service Award
  • 2013, Kenan award to support travel to FRN conference $625
  • 2013, “OTM” Campus Winner, Faculty/Staff Category, National Residence Hall Honorary
  • Pace University, 2012, Fifteen year service recognition award
  • 2011, Nominated for Outstanding Teacher of the Year
  • 2011, Recipient of Nursing Education Endowment Funds
  • 2010, Nominated for Outstanding Teacher of the Year
  • 2009, Recipient of Nursing Education Endowment Funds
  • 2009, Selected to faculty speaker at the CDP class of 2009 graduation
  • Combined Degree Program, Pace University, 2007, Certificate of Appreciation” Better Teaching though Caffeine Award"
  • Pace University, 2007, Ten Year Service Recognition Award
  • The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, 1992, Nominated for : Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award
  • The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, 1988, Nominated for : Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award
  • Queens College, 1986, Dean’s List
  • 1985, Anne White Award, Pediatric Nursing Award
  • Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, 1984, Graduation Marshal

Licensures and Certificates

  • The Society of Simulation in Healthcare, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator
  • American Heart Association, New York City Affiliate, Basic Life Support Provided
  • American Heart Association, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor
  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Pediatric Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN)


Post-Master Certificate, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, 2002

MA, New York University, 1993

BS, Queens College, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1986

Diploma, Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1985

Courses Taught

Past Courses

NUR 247: Pthphyslgy and Entrtnmnt Media
NUR 275: Clncl Sys Assmnt & Rel Ctrd CM
NUR 285: Htlh Assmnt/Rltnshp Care II
NUR 300: Mechanisms-mindbody Illness I
NUR 300: Mechanisms-Mindbody Illness I
NUR 301: Mechanisms-Mindbody Illness II
NUR 305: Care Mgt Ind,fam,comm/traj Dis
NUR 305: Care Mgt-ind, Fam, Comm/traj I
NUR 305: Care Mgt-Ind,Fam, Com/Trjctrs
NUR 305: Care Mngmnt: Adlt Nrsng I
NUR 315: Care Mngmnt: Adlt Nrsng II
NUR 317: Pharmacology in Nursg Care Mgt
NUR 395: Independent Study in Nursing
NUR 405: Transtn into Prfsnl Prctce I
NUR 454: Holistic Apprch Sys Assessmnt
NUR 458: Systm Assmt/Rltnshp Cntrd Comm
NUR 460: Care Mgt Across Health Traject
NUR 460: Cr Mgt Acrss Hlth Trajectories
NUR 460: Cr Mgt: Pediatric Nursing
NUR 462: Mchnsms of Illness: Mind/Body
NUR 462: Mechanism of Mind-Body Illness
NUR 462: Rctn: Mchnsms of Mnd Bdy Illns
NUR 464: Pharmacology in Human Response
NURS 202: Fundamentals of Nursing Prctc
NURS 212: Prfssnl and Thrptc Cmmnctn
NURS 258: Psychiatric & Mental Hlth Nur
NURS 320: Pathophysiology:Study of Fndtn
NURS 330: Pharmacology
NURS 340: Women's Hlth, Maternal & New
NURS 350: Child Health Nursing
NURS 360: Medical Surgical Nursing: Foun
NURS 370: Pathophysiology:Study of Com
NURS 380: Adult Nursing:Acute & Chronic
NURS 402: Fndmntls of Nursing Practice
NURS 406: Clncl Mgt Psychtrc Mntl Hlth
NURS 408: Fndtnl Stdy in Pathphyslgy
NURS 412: Clncl Mgt in Adlt Mdcl-Srgcl
NURS 414: Clncl Mgt in Mtrnl-Nwbrn Nrsng
NURS 416: Clncl Mgt in Chld Hlth Nrsng
NURS 418: Pathophysiology:Concepts of Mu
NURS 418: Rctn for Smstr 2 & 5 CDP Nrsng
NURS 422: Phrmclgy for Prfssnl Nrsng
NURS 424: Clncl Mngmnt of Popltin Hlth
NURS 426: Orgnztnl & Systm Ldrshp in Nur
NURS 428: Evolution of Prfssnl Nrsng
NURS 470: Adv Nursing Care of Patients
NURS 474: Leadership and Management
NURS 476: Community & Env Hlth Nursing
NURS 478: Ethics & Excellence in Nursing
NURS 480: Transition into Professional
NURS 483: Cultural Mindfulness

Publications and Presentations


Pediatric Review
Berro, E. Feuer NCLEX Nursing Review

Prioritization of Nursing Care / Time Management in the Clinical Setting
Berro, E. Mentorship Program, Columbia –Presbyterian Hospital

Various lecture and Skills
Berro, E. Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Professional Contributions and Service

Professional Memberships

  • Society of Simulation in Health Care(SSH) [member]
  • The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning [member]
  • Sigma Theta Tau [member]
  • American Nurses’ Association [member]
  • New York State Nurses Association [member]
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses [member]
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine [member]
  • New York City Chapter, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses [Co-chairperson for peds CCRN review course]