Student teacher working in a classroom environment with young students.

School Partnerships


The Office of School Partnerships within the School of Education oversees the school placement and supervision of students completing their fieldwork and student teaching/practicum requirements in New York public schools. The supervised clinical experiences for our educational programs are based on a two-year cohort model (Center for Professional Development Model) where Pace University School of Education students generally spend two years at the same partner school. This model is designed to provide an in-depth experience for our students in all aspects of teaching, honing, and developing their professional dispositions within a partnership school. State guidelines require that our students’ fieldwork/student teaching/practicum experiences provide opportunities to work with diverse student populations, including various cultures, socio-economic status, and academic proficiency. To that end, we carefully vet our partner schools and partner predominantly with NYC, Westchester, and Rockland County public schools to ensure compliance.

The faculty, administration, and staff of the Pace University School of Education are here to support our students through all aspects of their clinical experiences. We work hard to prepare them to be reflective professionals who promote justice, create caring classrooms and communities, and enable all students to learn. Fieldwork and student teaching/practicum experiences allow our students to put what they learn in class into practice.


New York City Office

Jill Weinberg
Director of School Partnerships

Westchester Office

Jennifer Argenta
Director of School Partnerships

Candice Sharpe
Office of School Partnerships Program Coordinator

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School Partner Spotlight: Pace High School

high school students smiling in a classroom
Pace High School students during one of their campus visits.

More than a name, our partnership with NYCDOE affiliate, Pace High School, has been established for many, many years. It all began with Dr. Art Maloney, an Emeritus School of Education faculty member and Chair, who served as a liaison and initiated, planned, and implemented many events, programs, guest speakers, workshops, and research projects with Pace High School. Upon his retirement, Professor Sharon Medow continued to build a new phase in developing the partnership further and work together on projects, events, and professional development opportunities.

Since then, the partnership has continued to blossom with ongoing collaboration that has supported our students. Eric Glatz, Pace High School Principal, and Michael Sowiski, Assistant Principal, are dedicated school leaders and work closely with the School of Education on all aspects of our school partnership initiatives.