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We'd love to hear from you! Contact the Seidenberg administrative staff and advisers using the lists below.

Seidenberg Administration

General Inquiries

For general inquiries, send a note to You can also call one of the below numbers for an immediate response.

Got a message for the Dean? Write to with any questions, feedback, or concerns.

New York City Campus
(212) 346-1687

Pleasantville Campus
(914) 773-3527

Office of the Dean

Jonathan Hill, DPS
Dean, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

Jim Gabberty, DPS
Associate Dean

Susan Feather-Gannon, PhD
Associate Dean

Stephanie Elson
Assistant Dean, Recruitment & Retention

Jill Olimpieri
Event and Program Manager - PLV

Susan Downey
Budget Director

Matthew Poli
Director, Networking and IT Support

Katie Todd
Assistant Director, Communications & Strategic Operations

Melanie Madera
Office and Community Manager - NYC

Program Administration

D. Paul Benjamin, PhD
Program Chair, Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD)

Julia Nomee
Program Chair, CIS

Sotirios Skevoulis, PhD
Program Chair, Software Engineering

Academic Departments

Namchul Shin, PhD
Chair, Information Technology

Christelle Scharff, PhD
Chair, Computer Science

Li-Chiou Chen, PhD
Associate Chairperson, Information Technology


Academic Advising

Stephanie Elson
Assistant Dean, Recruitment & Retention
(212) 346-1687

Kimberly Brazaitis
Senior Academic Advisor (New York City)
(212) 346-1687

Eric Medina-Rivera
Academic Advisor (New York City)
(212) 346-1687

Danielle Moccia
Academic Advisor (Westchester)
(914) 773-3133