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Anthony Joseph

Department Chairperson

Seidenberg School of CSIS

Computer Science NY

  • @New York City
    163 William Street Room 231
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New York City

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PhD , City University of New York , 1999
Electrical Engineering

MS , The City College , 1987
Electrical Engineering

BS , The City College , 1985
Electrical Engineering

AS , Academy of Aeronautics , 1977

Awards and Honors

  • NULL, September 1, 1983 - City College Dean's List
  • NULL, September 1, 1983 - National Dean's List, City College
  • NULL, September 1, 1975 - Trustees and Alumni Awards, Academy of Aeronautics


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Lawler, J. & Joseph, A. (2018, May). Expanding Learning of STEM Students through Opportunities with Marginalized Populations.

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Joseph, A., Larrain, M. & Turner, C. (2017, November). Daily Stock Returns Characteristics. Vol 114 , pages 481-490.

Lawler, J. & Joseph, A. (2017, November). Enriching Practices for Classroom in a Celebratory Disability Film Festival.

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Digital signal/image processing - some applications include spectral and time-frequency analysis and synthesis in economics/finance, computer security/forensics, image enhancement, and steganography; Algorithm development; Algebraic representation of computational and software tools; Computational code development; E-commerce applications; Experimental pedagogy - active learning; entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation; cooperative and collaborative learning; cooperative education and internships; and globalization;

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Joseph, A. & Lawler, J. (2010, January 1). Technology Entrepreneurship in Computer Science.
National Science Foundation , Pace University , $169,997.00 . Funded,


  • American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE) [Member]
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Computer Society [Member]
  • Association for Computing Machinery [Member] , January 1 , 2001
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [Member] , January 1 , 1985
    Executive Committee member of the NYC chapter of IEEE COMSOC (2001), Teasurer of NY Chapter (2002)
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