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2024 Game Development Playtesting Day

Johnni Medina
July 10, 2024
Two Pace University students sit at a laptop playing through a video game

This past spring, 27 students gathered for a Game Development Playtesting Day, showcasing their in-progress games to peers and visitors. The event featured 19 games created by 8 teams and 11 individual developers.

Playtesting is a key component of any game development, especially for video games where there are more technical variables. Having people test a new game not only helps gauge logistical functionality but also explores the player experience and, most simply, whether or not audiences enjoy the game. For students, it’s an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback and grow more confident in responding to constructive criticism, essential skills for their future careers.

Games are another way for people to express themselves and tell stories, just like film, music, theater. —Guida

Seidenberg Professor Carmine Guida, PhD, head of Pace’s new game development major, highlighted the importance for student’s to showcase their work. "I really want students to see what other students are up to in other courses so they get excited," he said. “Games are another way for people to express themselves and tell stories, just like film, music, theater.”

A screenshot of the opening of Moores' game 'Trigger Happy'
A screenshot from the beginning of Moores' game Trigger Happy.

The playtesting day also offered students a valuable opportunity to see firsthand how others interacted with their creations. Brennan Moores ’26, a computer science major minoring in game development, shared how valuable it was to see the responses to his game, Trigger Happy. “It felt really good to have others play and test my game,” says Moores. “When each player was done, I received helpful feedback from them, ranging from small aesthetic tweaks to major changes in gameplay.”

It felt really good to have others play and test my game. —Moores

The event not only fostered peer-to-peer learning but also highlighted the collaborative and artistic nature of game development. “Game development is very collaborative,” Guida says. “I'm looking forward to seeing students who are interested in art, music, coding, etc, come together to build great things."

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