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This program is STEM designated, which means you will be trained in areas of technology that are in high demand with United States employers. International students studying in person on student visas will be eligible for an Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension of 24 months, for a total of 36 months.

Level Up Your Career In Game Development

Combine your passion for gaming with a tech education that will prepare you to enter an industry worth more than the film and sports industries combined. The world loves games—and if you want to build them, the Pace University’s BS in Game Development is for you.

Learn, Code Play

If you aspire to craft immersive games and interactive experiences, the BS in Game Development is the ideal program for your career ambitions. This curriculum seamlessly integrates skills and methodologies from computer science, art, design, and storytelling, empowering you to evolve into a well-rounded game developer equipped with a coveted skill set that is in high demand.

  • Build your portfolio before graduation! Immerse yourself in our intensely project-based program, where you'll craft captivating games spanning diverse genres and styles. You’ll apply what you’re learning to real, playable games and have a body of work to share during future job interviews.
  • Start coding immediately using different programming languages to enable you to create various game mechanics and behaviors. You'll learn what tools are the best fit for different outcomes, helping you solve design problems and achieve your vision.
  • Make a name for yourself—and your work. One major goal of the BS in Game Development program is to have you publish a game in an app store, learning about monetization and how to work cohesively as part of a development team.

Take Courses Like…

In addition to taking courses in the fundamentals of computer science to build your technical foundation, you'll have the opportunity to take a variety of highly relevant classes in areas you like best! Some of Seidenberg's game development classes include:

  • CS 356 Mobile Game Development and Publishing
  • CS 357 AR/VR and the Metaverse
  • CS 455 Game Engine Architecture

It's Dangerous to Go Alone!

From The Legend of Zelda to Elden Ring, modern games are not made in isolation but rather by large multidisciplinary teams. Pace’s Seidenberg School offers a ready-made, passionate community of game enthusiasts—and we're not just talking about students. Professors and Seidenberg staff will be just as likely to talk your ear off about games and what they're currently playing.

On top of being part of a vibrant and friendly community, there are numerous events designed to enhance your portfolio and skills. Join GameJams to create small, theme-based games and then play it with friends. Join Pace’s Esports program and play competitively. Plus, if you want to host your own events, we can help you do that, too. Don't miss out on our gaming socials, including the much-anticipated annual Halloween Game Night.

You'll also have the chance to expand your network by connecting with fellow game designers and professionals actively engaged in the industry. The Seidenberg network regularly features guest speakers on campus, ranging from experienced game developers to industry experts. Moreover, you have the option to request specific speakers, providing you with invaluable opportunities to meet and learn from influential figures in the field. It's not just about the coursework; it's about immersing yourself in a community that is dedicated to fostering real-world connections and professional growth.

From Pixel To Paycheck: Careers In Game Development

Say goodbye to the old days when creating video games meant tying yourself to a big publisher. With a plethora of tools right at your fingertips, you can carve out a successful career in mobile, desktop, or console gaming like never before.

Ever dreamt of crafting the next mobile sensation (think Candy Crush and its billion-dollar success) or landing a gig with gaming giants like Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony? Well, the technical skills and storytelling prowess you'll snag in the BS in Game Development are your secret weapons on this epic career quest.

Career Options

  • AI Programmer
  • Game Designer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Level Designer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Virtual Reality Software Developer


$347 billion

value of the video game industry (Source: Statista)


average salary for a video game developer in the United States (Source: ZipRecruiter)


of Pace students are employed, continuing their education, or pursuing service within one year of graduation