Sylvester Tuohy

Sylvester Tuohy

Seidenberg School of CSIS
Computer Science NY
15 Beekman
| Office Hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 4:00pm-5:15pm
Goldstein Academic Center


Awards and Honors

  • Seton Hall University, Assistantship


MS, Polytechnic Institute of New York, 1987
Computer Science

PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1978

MS, Seton Hall University, 1968

BS, Iona College, 1963

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Data Communication (Networks); Computer Architecture (Parallel Processing);

Courses Taught

Past Courses

CIS 101: Cmptrs & Environmental Science
CIS 101: Computers & Forensic Science
CIS 101: Computers & Social Respnsblty
CIS 101: Computers & Social Rspnsblty
CIS 101: Computers and Security
CIS 101: Computers and The Environment
CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
CIS 102: IT for Strtgc Comm. Planning
CIT 211: Intro to Computer Systems
CIT 314: Introduction to Programming II
CIT 352: Network and Internet Security
CIT 471: Information Tchnlgy Internship
CIT 481: Cpstn in Infrmtn Tchnlgy
CS 113: Mathematical Structures for CS
CS 121: Computer Programming I
CS 122: Computer Programming II
CS 232: Computer Organization
CS 241: Data Structures/Algorithms
CS 241: Data Structures/Algorithms I
CS 241: Data Structures/algorithms I
CS 242: Algorithms & Computing Theory
CS 242: Data Structure/Algorithms II
CS 312: Computers and Society
CS 312: Research Methods
CS 371: Operating Sys/Architecture I
CS 488: Cmptr Network & the Internet
CS 488: Computer Netwrk & the Internet
CS 490: Ind Study in Computer Science
CS 600: Indpndnt Study in Grad CS
CS 602: Fndmntl Cmptr Sci I with Java
CS 604: Computer Systems and Concepts
CS 608: Algorithms & Computing Theory
CS 609: Operating Systems
IS 223: Fundamentals of Programming
IS 323: Object-Oriented Programming
IT 620: Opn Srce Appl Dvlpmnt I
TS 271: Internship / Seminar in TS

Publications and Presentations


Tuohy, S. Iona College, Spring '94. New Rochelle, NY.

Professional Contributions and Service

Department Service

  • Pace University, Computer Science & Information Systems [Attendee, Meeting]