Human Patient Simulators (HPS)

Simulators that respond physiologically used in the labs are designed to replicate patient-provider interactions, allowing students to develop critical skills such as physical examination. Each HPS is integrated with computer software that allows them to replicate bodily responses and interventions. The labs utilize a variety of simulators including Metiman, SimMan Essential, SimMom, SimJunior, and SimBaby that have modifiable anatomies to represent conditions.

Standardized Patient Encounters (SP)

Highly-trained actors playing the role of patients are used in rooms designed to simulate a provider’s office. Students work with SPs to develop communication skills, practice history documentation and diagnose.

Sectra Virtual Anatomy Table

The Sectra table allows students and educators to virtually explore 3-D human body images. The table supports virtual dissection, allowing users to visualize tissue, muscles, and organs. Through the use of this table, students will have greater knowledge of bodily functions, variations, and rare disease.

Professor working with a student on the SECTRA table.