Students working on a mannequin.

What Students Do in the Labs

In the Simulation Labs, students standardized patient encounters and human patient simulations are used for skill building. The simulation suites are designed to replicate clinical settings and have the capability to mimic situations that students will encounter throughout their training and future careers. While working with standardized patients and human patient simulators, students hone necessary critical thinking and diagnostic skills. Through the use of sophisticated technologies students are prepared for real-world practice in a safe learning environment.

To achieve these scenario-based educational experiences, the Simulation Labs utilize equipment and lab rooms like the following:

Exam room and simulation suites

Simulation suites

These rooms are modeled to mimic various clinical settings (ER, hospital rooms, OR, Labor and Delivery or outpatient clinics). Each room is equipped with realistic hospital equipment that the students would use in the clinical environment. Suites are equipped with cameras for recording and playback.

Standardized patient rooms

Designed to mimic outpatient clinical setting each room is equipped with examination table, diagnostic equipment, and sinks to allow the students to interview patients, perform a physical examination and provide and assessment and plan. All rooms are equipped with cameras for recording and playback.

Clinical Labs

Large spaces for instruction to learn clinical skills and tasks utilizing various partial body task trainers and other simulators.