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Writing Enhanced Courses (WEC)

The Pace University Writing-Enhanced Course (WEC) Program was founded nearly two decades ago to foster a progressive culture of writing and support effective writing pedagogy across the university. As part of the University Core Curriculum, Pace undergraduates take a minimum of two writing-enhanced (WE) courses, either in their majors or other fields of interest. In WE courses, writing and revision are central to learning content and achieving course goals. Students practice their writing through a combination of low-stakes, informal writing and more formal assignments. Instructors offer feedback on a draft of at least one writing assignment, so that students have the opportunity to rethink their ideas and learn disciplinary norms around writing, as well as learn how central feedback is to the writing process. These courses also promote transparency and fairness in grading and assessment, through the use of clearly articulated outcomes and rubrics.

The WEC Program aligns with the College Composition and Communication organization’s best practices for writing assessment, for Students’ Right to Their Own Language, and for supporting second language and multilingual student writers. Further, the WEC Program reflects the Council of Writing Program Administrators’ best practices for navigating academic honesty in writing classrooms and the International Writing Centers Association’s statement on gender neutrality and inclusivity in written language.

Approval Process

  1. Contact your campus WEC Director for a training workshop or consultation.
  2. Complete a WEC application approved by your department chair.
  3. Submit WEC materials, including application, syllabus, assignment sheets, and rubrics, to your campus WEC director for support, feedback, and approval.

WEC approval must be granted at least one month prior to the start of the course.


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New York City
Meaghan Brewer, PhD
Writing Enhanced Director

Vyshali Manivannan, PhD
Writing Enhanced Director