Advisor meeting with female student

Make an Appointment

Continuing and New Transfer Students

How to use OnTrack

  1. Go to the OnTrack website
  2. Once logged on, you will be at your “Success Network” page; you will see your Dyson Advisor listed
  3. To schedule an appointment with your Advisor, click the image next to their name:

    Screenshot for step 3 of how to use OnTrack
  4. Click Schedule from the options listed:

    Screenshot for step 4 of how to use OnTrack
  5. Select the type of appointment you would like to have:

    Screenshot for step 5 of how to use OnTrack
  6. Select an appointment slot:

    Screenshot for step 6 of how to use OnTrack
  7. After you select the appointment, you have the option to review and confirm. Once confirmed an email notification will be sent to your Advisor.
  8. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please do so via OnTrack.