Group of students at weekend seminar

Society of Fellows


The Society of Fellows began in the fall of 1980 with a weekend seminar devoted to questions in applied ethics. The first class of members inducted at the formal inauguration of the society in December 1981 was named after distinguished philosopher and Pace faculty member William Barrett. Since then, a new class is inducted annually and named after a fellow who has made a significant contribution to the ideals of the Society of Fellows. To date, more than 700 students, faculty, and alumni hold the distinction of being a fellow, and the Society of Fellows has become the premier honors organization in Dyson College.

Founding Charter

Charles H. Dyson, Edward J. Mortola, Joseph E. Houle, M. Teresa Brady, R.D.C, John H. Buchsbaum, and Louis V. Quintas.

Being bound by ties of friendship and dedication to the ideals of liberal education, do hereby constitute themselves and their successors, forever, as fellows of the Dyson College with the duty of promoting undergraduate scholarship among the members of said college and admitting into its society and fellowship only those students, faculty, alumni, staff and friends of the Dyson College who advance in a noteworthy and exemplary fashion the purposes of the society as expressed in its constitution.


The annual signature activities of the fellows are the weekend seminar, the annual meeting, and the initiation ceremony. The weekend seminar provides opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni to discuss issues of contemporary significance under the leadership of teacher-scholars. The annual meeting is a one-day student conference where undergraduate students present their research or artistic projects completed under the supervision of faculty mentors. The event also is open to graduate students, several of whom annually apply to participate. At the initiation ceremony, qualified applicants are recognized as fulfilling the eligibility criteria and are inducted as fellows. Transactions of the Society of Fellows of Dyson College is the official journal of the society. Peer-reviewed by Dyson faculty, the journal publishes the work of Pace University undergraduate students completed under the sponsorship of faculty, who often are fellows.


A faculty executive board that reports to the Dyson College dean governs the Society of Fellows of Dyson College. The board facilitates the achievement of the society’s goals by planning activities, organizing seminars, and overseeing special recognition ceremonies and awards.


Judi Pajo, PhD
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Chair of Society of Fellows


Amanda Ghysel
Communications Manager, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Administrative Support, Society of Fellows