Shaping the Future

Make an impact through the Dyson Women’s Leadership Initiative—a one-of-a-kind program crafted for every Dyson student passionate about gender equity. Join in our mission to directly tackle the long-standing issue of women's historical underrepresentation in leadership positions, providing resources for empowerment and meaningful change.


Women represent 58.4% of the US workforce as of September 2022 but only hold 35% of senior leadership positions. (Source: Zippia)


For every 100 men promoted from entry-level to manager, 87 women are promoted. However, for every 100 men promoted to manager positions, only 54 Black women were promoted. (Source: McKinsey and Company (PDF))


Women of color are 36.3% of our nation’s female population and approximately 18% of the entire U.S. population, yet occupy only 11.9% of managerial and professional positions. (Source: American Progress)

A Call for Advocates

These recent statistics illustrate the persistent underrepresentation of women in various leadership domains, spanning politics, academia, corporations, media, and sports. This disparity becomes more pronounced and concerning for women of color and other marginalized groups, amplifying the urgency for efforts towards equitable representation and opportunities.

WLI provides a safe environment to cultivate leadership skills through mentorship, training, internships, and a supportive community for our diverse population of Pace students. Additionally, we have incorporated will, a nationally recognized program focusing on gender and social justice issues in and out of the classroom.

Group of Pace University Dyson College of Arts and Sciences students in the Womens Leadership Initiative standing together by the fearless girl statue

Joining WLI as a first year student shaped my entire college career. The program empowered me to seek help when I desperately needed it, enabled me to chase ambitious internship programs and career goals, and united me with an incredible cohort of phenomenal women who supported and inspired me.
—Emily Oberlender '21, Political Science

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Embark on a journey of empowerment with WLI and be a catalyst for positive change!