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Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Pleasantville)

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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences on the Pleasantville campus. Both our Biochemistry and Chemistry programs are approved by the prestigious American Chemical Society. Our dedicated faculty and optimal classroom sizes provide you with immersive opportunities for learning and conducting research in state-of-the art laboratories.

Unique Opportunities

Student and professor in lab coats connecting a blue liquid with a clear one in beakers by a wire

Hands-on Learning

Excel in your studies through close interactions with dedicated professors in small classroom and laboratory settings, where individual mentorship remains at the core of our teaching philosophy. We are committed to a student-centered culture and experiential learning approaches as you build a solid foundation in the chemical and physical sciences.

The Dyson Hall of Science on the Pleasantville campus houses teaching and research laboratories to provide you with experiential learning opportunities that allow you to develop crucial skills in critical thinking, data analysis, instrument usage, and research processes.

You'll have many opportunities to work with our faculty on graduate-level research projects – opportunities that are unmatched in higher education – in award-winning science labs equipped with cutting-edge instruments.

We engage you with solid research mentorship early on in your studies. Our faculty are committed to providing you with unique research opportunities to conduct research projects in our state-of-the-art science laboratories.

As a student in Chemistry and Physical Sciences program, you can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including the Chemistry Club (Pace University Chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society), Tri-Beta, and Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.


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Chemistry and Physical Sciences
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Chemistry and Physical Sciences

Support Staff

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Sara Man

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