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Digestive Systems

This exhibition was on view February 4-March 20, 2020

Pace University is pleased to present the exhibition, Digestive Systems, in its new gallery on the 1st floor of 41 Park Row from February 4-March 20, 2020 (extended until Pace University re-opens). The exhibit, which is curated by Pace’s gallery director Sarah Cunningham and features EcoArtTech (Leila Nadir & Cary Adams Peppermint), Maria McKinney, and Dana Sherwood, artists who use photography as part of their practice to explore food production and consumption. Through the commonality of food—the sustenance of life—the artists poignantly illustrate the interconnectedness of human and non-human animals. In this Anthropocene epoch, during which the Earth’s climate is predominantly impacted by human (in)actions, the artists advocate that we must care for our shared environment. The artists each have collaborative processes that serve as potential models for sustainable relationships among humans and between species. Further, they highlight our planet’s inherently symbiotic ecosystem by finding the synergy in and between manually manipulated and digital lens-based media.

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A man leading a cow with an art piece on it's back for digestive systems exhibition
Maria McKinney
Longevity/Apoptosome, Black Water Lad (HE2067), from the Sire series, Archival pigment print, 2016