Wide shot of the art gallery

A Light Flex: Project Studio Fall 2019 Exhibition

This exhibition was on view December 6-19, 2019

From December 6-19, 2019, the Art Gallery at Pace University hosted a A Light Flex, an exhibition featuring students enrolled in Fall 2019’s Project Studio (ART 306) course. Project Studio is the capstone course for the BFA in Art. Enrolled students spend the full semester working on a single body of work in their chosen medium, whether it be a series of sculptures, suite of paintings, or video short, which is then exhibited in the gallery. The fall 2019 exhibition features work by Adam Al-Hatlani, Joseph Allen, Artpita Day, Brian James Báez Miranda, Christiana Birch, Jackson Byrnes, Jamel Carroll, Nalia Colas, Arin Goldsmith, Salena Ma, Netzy Martinez, Ritz Nihalani, Janvi Patel, Bogdan Pudlo, and Corine Winkley. Their instructor is Derek Stroup.