2024 Seidenberg AI Interns Present Their Final Projects

Sven Latinovic
June 22, 2024
Pace Seidenberg students who interned at the 2024 AI Internship Experience Program posing for a group photo with program leads Dr. Christelle Scharff and Dr. Carmine Guida in front of an AI-generated image at the Seidenberg Design Factory.

After two weeks of intense work at the 2024 AI Internship Experience Program, the student interns presented their successful final projects at Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. This dynamic paid internship program provided students with an intensive, hands-on experience in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, culminating in a series of impressive presentations that showcased their analytical and generative AI projects.

The program was led by Seidenberg Professor, Associate Dean, and Co-Director of the Seidenberg AI Lab, Dr. Christelle Scharff, and Dr. Carmine Guida, Assistant Professor and head of Seidenberg’s new BS in Game Development.

Two Seidenberg School of CSIS students presenting a Powerpoint of their project about AI-generated Minecraft images to the rest of the interns at the AI Internship Experience.
Seidenberg students presenting their project about AI-generated Minecraft images.

Over the course of the internship, students were divided into teams and tasked with two major projects. The first involved comprehensive research and analysis of generative AI technologies, allowing them to deepen their understanding of AI frameworks and methodologies. The second project required students to apply their knowledge to create innovative AI models capable of generating images. During these two weeks, the interns were mentored by Pace alumni and Career Services to help them apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The final presentations highlighted the students’ newly learned skills, as well as their creativity. One team of interns developed AI models that could classify and generate images of different butterfly species, while another team focused on models that could recognize and generate images of different types of flowers, both demonstrating the models' accuracy in recognizing and replicating intricate patterns and colors. Further emphasizing the diverse interests of the students, one team explored the realm of gaming by attempting to generate images inspired by the Minecraft video game, and a different team developed a model that could recognize different Pokémon.

An image from one of the Seidenberg teams that presented their final project at the AI Internship Experience, showcasing six AI-generated images of different types of flowers.
One of the teams' AI-generated images of different flowers.

Christelle Scharff, Associate Dean and Professor of Computer Science at Seidenberg, praised the interns’ achievements by saying that "the internship ended up being a great success in developing AI talents with the support of a dedicated team at Seidenberg. Interns developed classification and generative AI projects. It was rewarding to see them experiment with models to achieve better accuracy and seeing their approach to generate something that was recognizable. They made new friendships, and we could feel the Seidenberg community spirit."

The program not only advanced the interns' technical skills but also fostered a collaborative and supportive environment. As the students move forward, they carry with them valuable experiences and connections that will undoubtedly contribute to their future endeavors in the field of AI.

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