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December 11, 2023
Pace University Lubin student Jonah White-Wilson '25 at the office of his clients of his business, Acai on Wheels

Jonah White-Wilson

Class of 2025

Currently Studying: BBA in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications

Member Of: Blue CoLab, Excelsior Mentors Program, and Pace University Men's Lacrosse Team

Pronouns: He/Him

Pace University Lubin student Jonah White-Wilson '25

Jonah White-Wilson is fully living the #LubinLife. Beyond being on the Pace University Men's Lacrosse Team and working on campus, Jonah took the knowledge he gained from his classes and his experience working at Pace Fit to start his own business, which focuses on delivering healthy food to his community. Between his entrepreneurial efforts, leadership skills, and internship with Dynasty Consulting, Jonah will be set up for success well before he graduates in 2025.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?

I chose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business because I wanted to be prepared, in the right setting, for what I aspire to do. As a third-year student, I can attest that Lubin's professors are well-versed professionals in the business world. New York is the best place to be in order to grow in the field of business, and Lubin professors are the mentors you need to navigate it.

How have clubs on campus helped enrich your student?

I am a new member of the Blue CoLab team. Our mission is to provide Pace University and other communities with real-time water quality data. We believe everyone has the right to know what is in their water before they drink it to prevent water-borne diseases. Through information technology and the data collected from our own Choate Pond, students have created informative and unique projects like making music out of water quality data. Once I learned about this initiative on campus, I knew I had to get involved in any way I could. I brought my Lubin skills into this Seidenberg project and joined the communications team, which helps give a platform for this wonderful project.

You are spending the semester as a Marketing Intern with Dynasty Consulting. How will this experience aid in your post-graduation career search?

Dynasty Consulting is an amazing place that allows me to hone my skills, not only as a student studying marketing but as a salesman at heart. Dynasty Consulting provides real-life, hands-on experience that has helped me develop my communication skills. Being able to consult to brokers and financial advisors across the country is a demanding yet exhilarating task. I have been selling my entire life, and having the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced salesmen in the industry is an opportunity that cannot be replicated. I certainly would not have had this opportunity if I had not chosen the Lubin School of Business.

You worked with Pace Fit as part of the Center for Student Enterprise. What was your experience like?

Working at Pace Fit was an excellent experience for me. Being the Assistant Marketing Manager, while making what many said were "the best smoothies on campus," was a pleasure. It was always fun meeting and connecting with new people. I was also making the beloved TikToks for Pace Fit. The TikToks were filled with comedy while also serving as a marketing tool and a way to push our new smoothies to customers.

Tell us about your business, Acai on Wheels.

Acai on Wheels is a mobile acai business I started in the summer of 2023. Acai on Wheels is located in the Upper Marlboro area in my home state, Maryland. I walk around my neighborhood, knocking on doors and taking appointments from customers interested in ordering acai bowls. I make them fresh right on their doorstep. We also cater events such as concerts, birthdays, office parties, and more! I started this business because I realized there was a lack of healthy food options in my area, and there was no better time than summertime to connect with my neighbors and serve them fresh, organic acai. Serving my community is a great honor, and there aren't any other great-tasting healthy options within 20 miles. I wanted to be the one to give my community a sweet treat during the scorching hot summer months.

How have your Lubin classes helped you further the success of your business?

My Lubin classes have taught me many skills that I have applied to my own business, such as budgeting, marketing, and all the ins and outs of how to run a business. There are many pros and cons to starting a business, but being a part of the Lubin School of Business made the process easier by preparing me on what to expect. Having one-on-one meetings with professors and taking in the material provided has educated me on how to build a foundation to run my business effectively and with great profitability.

You are also a member of the Pace University Men's Lacrosse Team. How will your team building skills help you in the business world post-graduation?

Being part of the Pace University Men's Lacrosse Team gives me real insight into how to work on a team. I think of my team as one big family. We work together, we have disputes, we have success, and at the end of the day, we will always be together. That's what being on a team means—friendship. Being a leader while also being a follower of others gives me transferable skills for the business world that many other people will not have. Two of the biggest skills I've gained on the lacrosse team that will help me within the business world are handling adversity and communication. Those skills are pivotal in my own business and will be pivotal in future business ventures.

Having a vast alumni network while also being on the lacrosse team provides many great opportunities. Pairing that with Career Services will open up so many doors for me after graduation. Pace University gives its students a leg up in the already-ultra-competitive business world.

What has been your favorite opportunity at Pace?

My favorite opportunity at Pace has been networking with alumni and working with Career Services. Having a vast alumni network while also being on the lacrosse team provides many great opportunities. Pairing that with Career Services will open up so many doors for me after graduation. Other universities cannot replicate this opportunity simply because New York is the "mecca" of business. Pace University gives its students a leg up in the already-ultra-competitive business world.

Do you have any advice for other Lubin students?

Please, please, please go to as many events as possible and connect with as many people as possible! You never know who you may run into. Always look professional, hold great eye contact, and if someone gives you their information or connects you with someone, actually contact them! You only have four years at Lubin to soak up all the valuable information from extremely knowledgeable people, so do not waste it!

What does #LubinLife mean to you?

We can all agree that, in high school, choosing a university that helps you reach your goals is a difficult process. However, I would do it all over again, knowing that at the end of my four years, I would be able to say that I am a product of #LubinLife. Pace University has students and faculty from all over the world—kind professors helping you in all aspects of life and a community filled with friendship. I cannot thank my teammates, coaches, professors, classmates, and mentees enough for shaping my amazing experience at the Lubin School of Business. There is no place I'd rather be than at Pace University in the Lubin School of Business.

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