windmills and solar energy panels representing sustainable businesses

Center for Sustainable Business

What is the "purpose" of business? Who are businesses "accountable" to? Should they solely benefit stockholders/owners' economic interests or a more inclusive and broader environmental and social stakeholder interest?

Enterprises of all sizes and sectors globally are striving to operate as Sustainable Businesses, creating long-term value by advancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) stewardship, business purpose and profitability hand-in-hand.


The CSB engages its stakeholders with a networked knowledge-hub and learning-platform that explores, teaches, and champions sustainable businesses that integrates and balances ESG-stewardship, inclusive-purpose, and profits.


The Lubin CSB equips, enables, and empowers students, alumni, faculty, influencers, businesses, and communities to help them understand, influence, transform, and lead this global sustainable-business movement.

Headquartered steps from Wall Street in the Financial District on the New York City campus of Pace University, the Lubin CSB delivers on its strategy through public events; degree and non-degree education; research; service; insights; expertise; and job-skills.